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We are VISEC

We are a platform for environmental and social sustainability that brings together members of different value chains.
With collaborative efforts and pre-competitive strategies, we focus on complying with emerging national and global demands, fostering comprehensive sustainability in our business systems.

  • Promoting and certifying protocols that align with current and emerging national and international policies and regulations on environmental and social sustainability.
  • Strengthening governance and fostering multi-sector collaboration across Argentina.
  • Promoting environmentally and socially responsible and economically viable value chains.
  • Designing awareness-raising and comprehensive training programs for all players in the production chains.
  • Positioning Argentina as a world leader in sustainable agroindustrial production.

VISEC includes a permanent technical Secretariat composed of professional staff from CIARA-CEC, The Nature Conservancy, Peterson and Tropical Forest Alliance.

Our actions contribute to position Argentina as a global reference in sustainable agricultural production.

In the face of new international regulations, VISEC has anticipated the challenges and turned them into opportunities.
We are committed to exceeding these expectations, not only to preserve our current markets but also to conquer new ones. Each new season is an opportunity to demostrate that innovation and environmental care are at the heart of Argentina and a gateway to leadership in sustainable agriculture worldwide.

VISEC in action

The Soy System and the Beef System represent VISEC’s proactive response to the growing global demand for a conscious and sustainable agribusiness. Based on state-of-the-art MRV (Monitoring, Reporting and Verification) systems, we guarantee that both our soy and meat are not only deforestation-free, but also fully traceable from their origin to the ports of shipment.

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